Team Electric Superbike Twente releases new superbike

In the VECTOR-ST, a dual range has been achieved.

The employees of HELUKABEL congratulate the Electric Superbike Twente team on the release of the new electric racing motorcycle Vector-ST!

This motorcycle is the result of the perseverance of the student teams from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. As a proud sponsor, Helukabel has been supplying all cables for this project for several years, including CAN cables and the NSGAFÖU 1.8/3kV ORANGE cable.

The team used CAN cables for the entire communication network in the superbike, through which sensor and control data are transmitted, along with the power needed to supply all the boards. They used the NSGAFÖU 1.8/3kV ORANGE cable for a stress test of the high-voltage system. For the engineers, shielding in the cables is crucial to mitigate the influence and interference of electromagnetic radiation from our electric motor.

This is also present in the SUPER-PAIR-TRONIC-340-C-PUR cable of the cooling system. This motor is unique due to its "Swapping Technology." During a race, the student team can replace the entire battery in a short pit stop, effectively doubling the range.

Helukabel is pleased to contribute to the mission of the Electric Superbike Twente team: "Preserve racing for future generations."

Please visite the website from Electric Superbike Twente for more information.