Leave a Lasting Impression

WHETHER USED NEAR RAILWAYS, in telecommunications, or power supply, cables almost always run underground. When they are dug out years later for service and maintenance work engineers want to easily identify what cable they are handling. In order for the label to be permanently identifiable, the SIGNOMAT from Kabelmat prints on the cables and wires during production while they are still warm. This enables the machine to sinter the label. This means that the SIGNOMAT applies the finest powder and its grains are fused to the cable sheathing. This process creates a highly durable and slightly raised lettering, which displays the metre markings and cable type. The machine is able to label cables at a speed of up to 100 metres (328 feet) per minute. In the past year, Kabelmat updated the SIGNOMAT with the latest technology. The device, which is unique in Europe, is now optimally equipped to label cables well into the future.

Cables and conductors can be permanently labelled with the SIGNOMAT from Kabelmat. (© Kabelmat)